100,000 €


Good evening, excuse me this way to contact you, I just saw your profile

  and I thought you're the right person for me.  In short,

  My name is glwadys of Portuguese origin and I live in France.

  I suffer from a serious illness that condemns me to certain death, it is cancer of throat,

  and I have a sum of 400.000 euros which I would like to make a donation to a person of trust

  and honest so that he makes good use of it.  I own a red oil import business in France,

  and I lost my husband 6 years ago, which affected me a lot and I could not remarry until today

  we did not have children.  I would like to make this sum a gift before my death can my days count it

  fault of this disease to which I had no remedy, but a sedative in France would not want the following to know

  if you can benefit from this gift.

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Type Description
Type Annonceur Particulier
Site internet
Année 2020
Disponibilité 7h - 18 h GMT,24h / 24

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ID annonce : 64517,Manitoba, Canada
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