FRP anchor bars and acceseries,GFRP rockbolts

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1. Introduction :
Fiberglass anchor rod adopt glass fiber as reinforced materials and  polyester resin as basic materials, through Pulled by specific traction machine, be solidified glass fiber reinforced plastic rod body with full thread under high pressure and high temperature by preformed matched die . It is made up of fiberglass anchor rod plus resin anchoring agent, tray and nut.

2. Feature :
Corrosion resistant
High strength & light weight
Long service life
Fire retardant
Impact resistant
Nonconductive and thermal insulation
Non-magnetic electromagnetic transparency
 Dimensional stability, Bright color

3.Technology parameter :

Diameter Length Plate size Tensile strenth Ultimate load Working Load
(mm) (mm) (mm) (MPa) (KN) (KN)
16 1000~1800 120×120×6 ≥500 80 ≥49
18 1200~2000 120×120×10 ≥500 100 ≥58.8
20 1400~2000 150×150×8 ≥500 120 ≥78.6
22 1600~2100 150×150×10 ≥500 140 ≥80
24 1800~2200 150×150×10 ≥500 160 ≥88.2

4. Specification :
 Length: 1400-2500mm Diameter:¢14- ¢25,Screw thread: M22~M32                Screw thread length: 130mm~200mm
5. Advantages:
1) Super high torque resistance
2) High End Loading
The special SupFRP TM thread profile and an optimized matching between bolt thread and nut thread ensure high end loads that can almost reach the level of steel
 anchor systems.
3) Easy Handing
4) Flexibility
The high flexibility of  SupFRPis well suited for applications without couplings in 
 Confined locations.
5)R25/R28/R32/R38 standard thread profile
6. Application:
Electrical & Electronics Industry: cable tray, radome, insulation ladder, etc.
Chemical Anti-corrosion Industry: grating floor, handrail, working platform, underground pression pipe, stairs, etc.
Building Construction Industry: oversize bridge protection closed system, movable house structure, working platform, window frame, window sash and its components, etc.
 Foundation Engineering Industry: freeway antiglare shield and its handrail, lamp post, water treatment, bracket foe huge industry cooling tower, etc.  

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